2020 Movimiento- Latin Alternative y mas

40 comments to our Top 40 songs. (Playlist curated by the staff of Pico de Gallo Music).

Pilot Ep. 2 – Fruta y Comida

Food is a means of retaining our cultural identity. So it just makes perfect sense that food y musica would go hand-in -hand. Vero couldn’t have said it any better, “The meaning of life is FOOD!”

 “The meaning of life is FOOD!”

Aqui los presentamos nuestro 2ndo episodo de La Sopa where we talk about canciones in regards to culture y comida.

iAsí que gozan de nuestro sopa y distruen del relago!


– Ruben y Veronica

Pilot Ep. 1 – The 2nd Latin Music Wave

Catch our Pilot Episode from our Spanglish podcast about Latin Music and culture. [Originally aired in January 2019]
While we had shared this with friends y family, Veronica & I are ready to share our project con todos ustedes. This has been in the making for quite some time now, while it may not be perfect, we are not letting perfection get in the way to create content. Because lets be honest we are total noobs at this x]
iAsí que gozan de nuestro sopa y distruen del relajo!
-Ruben y Vero