2020 Movimiento- Latin Alternative y mas

40 commentS to top 40 SOngs

Originally this list was intended to be our Top 30, but it was way to difficult to narrow 200 songs to only 30 tracks. Simply, there were too many favorites, hence 40 was the compromise.

Despite the pandemic, the year has jammed pack with good music. And here is 40 comments to our Top 40 songs. (Playlist curated by the staff of Pico de Gallo Music).

The list is based of Latin Alternativo songs not played in mainstream radio nor on Top 40 lists within the US. The goal is to highlight underground artists and bring exposure to good music regardless the genre.

40. La Luz – Maria Jose Llergo, Didi Gutman, $kyhook

The simplicity to this song, helps elevate the flamenco influences and shine at a different level.

39. Conexión Divina – Lúa

LÚA’s music is the kawaii-est thing you’ll hear en Español.

38. Loop en Mi – Maria Codino

The beat gives off a nostalgic vibe of good old summer days.

37. Luna Completa – Caloncho

Such a feel good song, Caloncho can sweet talk me any day. ^o^

36. La Fiebre – Buscabulla

In a little over a minute, Buscabulla slaps you with 90’s R&B dosed pop song que te deja queriendo más.

35. Te Queria – Lido Pimienta

The song is a vibe; it’s really a song to all them “fuckboiis” telling them te boté.

34. Aguacero -Irepelusa, Veztalone

Buen ritmo, letra pésima y un flow suave- “Tuna que Tuna”.

33. Bounce – Cazzu

People are sleeping on Cazzu and this song slaps hard; turn up the bass!!!

32. Conocerte – Paty Cantú

Musically, Conocerte picks up from where her stellar album #333 left off.

31. Vuelve – ChocQuibTown

“Y ahora vuelves, después de que tu plan te falló..” como si está canción fuera escrita para mi.

30. Sólo Quiero Que Me Salves Tú – Rubio

Forever in love with the dark eerie sadness Rubio brings to the table when it comes to music.

29. Control – La Vida Bohème

This song with Henry’s (lead singer) voice have a longingness that just entrances your audio sensations like a siren calling.

28. Manos al Fuego – Lika Nova

Like Nova have perfected their signature addictive pop rock synths that seemingly mesh well with the lead singer’ s haughtily enticing voice; Manos al Fuego is a prime example of this.

27. El Favorcito – La Muchacha

When you hear Isabel’s music, you hear an extension of her raices: Colombian rhythms y tradición cantautora de latinoamericanas.

26. Es Asi – Adan Jodorowsky

Estos fast pace adrenaline rush pop rock vibes are my go tos!

25. Si Veo a Tu Mamá – Brigitte Laverne

Shook to discover that this is a Bad Bunny cover, but, knowing that makes me realize how good this cover really is.

24. Mexicana Yo Soy – Flor Amargo

Recently obsessed with the artistic madness from Flor Amargo and this song is no exception: electo-cumbia merged with a 90’s Latin hip-hop bridge.

23. Lo Mismo Que Yo – Maena

Maena is the best thing that’s happen to Latin indie pop this past year; she’s going to blow up.

22. palabras y miradas – Elsa y Elmar

Overall it’s a simple pop song, but Elsa’s delivery and lyrics really drives the song to be cute and infectious.

21. Boys Ain’t Shit (Estos Chicos No Lo Son Remix) – SAYGRACE, Becky G

Obsessed with the Spanglish, the attitude, and the collaboration.

20. Never – Awgust, Sofia Reyes

One song is not enough, can Sofia y Awgust make an album together?

19. Pa’ Que Me Baile – Nicole Favre, Elsa y Elmar

Elsa has the golden touch for music, cada canción te deja diciendo “no, this one is my favorite..”

18. Adolescentes – Caloncho

Con su ritmo pegajoso, Adolescentes es una obra de arte.

17. El Lago – Remix – Déjenme Dormir, Los Animales También Se Suicidan

Can’t wait to dance/mosh to this song when concerts become a thing again.

16. Suena La Alarma -Los Abandoned

I’m still not over their comeback single; someone, alguien, anybody, SUENA LA ALARMA!

15. No Me Toques Mal – Santiago Navas, La Muchacha

This. Song. Is. Everything- 2 strong Latina singers with a strong and powerful mensaje, ufffff.

14. A Veces – Diamante Eléctrico

As far as sad boy songs go, this is one is by far my favorite.

13. haciendo discos – Elsa y Elmar

Elsa y Elmar does it again with this catchy pop song; she paints mundos with her lyrics.

12. No Me Llames – Carla Morrison

I always knew Carla would sound stellar in an electro (EDM) pop world, ya era tiempo that she played with these sound.

11. Quererme – Maena

The obsession con Maena is real, no puedo dejar de bailar y cantatar esta cancioón.

10. Lento – Lauren Jauregui, Tainy

Lauren singing and making music en Español has been a blessing; sooooo freaking good that I can’t can’t help dance.

09. Casualidad (X Mí) -Maena

Maena is killing it with this album; I hear influnces from Paty Cantú, Dua Lipa y Fanny Lu pero al estilo de Maena.

08. A Mi Me Vale – Las Vergas

Two things: first, I was shook to find out that this made up band was conjured up by Jarina De Marco; second, this song can rival Mana’s “Me Vale”; there I said it.

07. Sólo Tú – Kinky

Sultry sexiness perfection that makes you wanna dance; what a bop!

06. De Mejores Corazones Me Han Corrido – Amandititita, Sandra Esheverria

A fun cumbia collaboration served with Amandititita’s wittiness es simplemente lo mejor.

05. Ansiedad – Carla Morrison

Blessed with 2 pop perfect songs this year; we weren’t ready. T__T

04. Pantera – Jesse Baez

“Oye baby, eres un diamante. Uffff” :: too busy singing along to comment on the song::

03. inolvidable – Giulia Be

One of these days I’ll make a dance routine to this song; that’s how much I’ve danced to this song.

02. Nada – Tainy, Lauren Jauregui, C. Tangana

3 seconds in and I was obsessed; this was the fastest song I had on repeat.

01. TBT 4 Ever 2.0 – Ximena Sariñana, Jesse Baez

2020 has been a great music year for Ximena; by far this is my favorite song for its smooth R&B collab con Jesse Baez.

All said and done, we hope you enjoy our playlist. Happy music findings! 🙂

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