En Concierto: Alex Anwandter


IMG_6601 (4)San Francisco, CA-  Scene: imagine you and your squad are at the club for a night out. Suddenly, DJ plays your favorite song, like ” I love it” by Icona Pop or “Get Stupid” by Mac Dre,  and everyone, including yourself, stops what they are doing to hit the dance floor.  Dropping your best dance moves and / or singing along.  That’s how it felt to attend an Alex Andwanter show.  It was beautiful!

Thursday night felt like a Friday night at the Slims venue. Por la primera vez, Chilean artista, Alex Anwandter graced the Bay Area with his 80’s-influenced dance music. Las emociones were very real esa noche; everything from the good to the happy to lo triste se sentio in his intimate performance. We laughed, dance and joked from the beginning to the end.

What struck me was the simplicity to his show; it was the audience, his drummer, DJ, and himself. But his performance was far from simple; after all, he is a Grammy nominee and performer. Lets not forget he performed a beautiful rendition of “Manifesto” at the 2016 Grammy’s. That night was as magical as any Grammy performance. He opened with early fan favorites,”Amiga” and “Siempre es Vierenes en Mi Corazón“, accompanied with his signature dance moves. It was this irresistible combo- that inspired everyone else to transform the floor into a dance floor.  Like he said himself  citing a well known Spanish saying, “si ya saben como me pongo pa’ que me invitan.”

           IMG_6566 (3)   IMG_6615 (3)

                                                  “si ya saben como me pongo pa’ que me invitan”

Amid the dancing, the audience shared intimate moments with Alex during his deep and cutting songs like “Tormenta” and “Latinoamericana“.

Ending his show with “Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo?” was bitter sweet; it meant that the night was soon over. But the moment it came on, the dance floor se prendio [got LIT]. Honestament, everyone was dancing and singing along; indeed it was a Friday night in everyone’s heart. Nos dejo bailando pero aquí no se acaba, porque aquí lo esperamos pa’ la proxima vez.

Alex your invited to my double quince :]



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