RuidoFest 2017 Predictions

With only a few months away for this year’s Ruidofest music festival, we can expect the big line up reveal about any day now. The pre-sales have gone up for sale and on Ruidofest official IG they announced to except something big. I’m hoping it’s the line up.

Pero como ya me muero de ansceidad! Naturally, I decided to write about my predictions of this year’s lineup.

Based off the last two Ruidofest, I’ve noticed a couple of trends and based off those trends here are my lineup prediction:

Artist Relevance 

What’s a music festival if they aren’t relevant in the music scene? Nada. Obvio that the producers of the only 3 day Latin alternative festival in the US are gonna keep things fresh and relevant in the music scene. With that said, the producers love to invite artists that have released music the past year (at a minimum) and note they are not afraid to invite new and upcoming artists as well.

With that said, here are some artist that have released music in 2016 and can probably get an invite for this year’s festivities.



Diamante Electrico

Milo Mel and Mayel

Alex Ferreira

Daniela Spalla

Jose Madero 


Local / National Artist

Being that Ruidofest is the only music festival dedicated to Latin Alternative here in the US, it comes to no surprise that the lineup will boast a healthy dosage of local and national talent. Porque no apoyar nuestros artistas también. Additionally, it’s also most likely that this is where our variety in musica will come about.

Locos por Juana

El Conjunto Nueva Ola

Grupo Fantasma

Bang Data

Las Cafeteras

Bands With a Mass Following:
(Big Name Artists)

These last two trends are quit obvious. But some of the big names that will probably appear on this year’s lineup will have a mass following and off course relevance in the music scene. Other words, these next artists will probably be touring the US during the time of the festival, making it convenient to add a date in Chicago.

Julieta Venegas

Jarabe de Palo

Los Amgios Invisbles

Bomba Estereo

Ska / Rock Headliners

Headliners in the past have been off ska or rock background. Its always hard to say who will headline this year’s lineup because headliners are always exceptions to the rules.

Some names that have been in the forefornt of the ska / rock scene include:

Los Enanitos Verdes


Hombres G

Mago de Oz


El Gran Silencio 


Claro,  these are only my predictions and I could be right on the money or totally off. As a fanatico of these genre, I can not end it without posting artist that I low key hope that will make it in this year’s lineup. So aqui los va. #ruidoycursi

Ximena Sariñana






Julieta y los Espiritos


Los Hollywood



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