Shakira nos regresa con la bicicleta

Its been quite a while that Shakira has released a new album. Her last studio album, Shakira., was released back in 2014 when she was still a part of the Voice. In fact while she was promoting her English album, she had mention in an interview that she was working on a new Spanish album. But nothing was offically released. Earlier this year Shakira sang the lead single, “Try Everthing”, for the hit Disney movie Zootopia.  If this was any indication that Shakira is coming back with new music then it was right on.

On her offical instagram, she has been posting studio sessions of her next Spanish album. For those that know me, know without reservation that I am a HUGE Shakira fan, I am as excited as anybody else. Its seems that we are getting a preview of what her new repitore may sound like with her newest sing, “La Bicicleta”. On this single, Shakira and Carlos Vives collaborate to bring us a potential summer hit. For the first time, two of Colombia’s biggest artists unite to take us on a bicycle ride from Santa Marta to Baranquilla. The song does a great job capturing both of the artist’s distinct styles. Its catchy, lighthearted, and fun!

The last time Carlos y Shakira collaborate together was about 7yrs ago when he was performing for a charity concert. Many are unaware, that Shakira was invited to sing with Carlos’s hit song “La gota fria.” For an addded  bonus, Carlos sneaks in some of Shakira’s “La tortura” lyrics in the performance. Why did these two amazing artist never collaborated before, I have no idea. But the performance is great! And its about time, they made a single together. It always made sense to me. They are both successful Colombians artist with huge fan base  in the Latin America and both their careers took off around the same time.

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